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To achieve our vision of nurturing socially-conscious leaders, we offer a holistic learning experience which empowers our members in the long term, with impact that stays with them for life.

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Enactus Hong Kong provided chance for student entrepreneurs networking


Training activities of various scales are organized regularly for students from all universities. Topics include design thinking, ideation and brainstorming, case analysis skills, presentation skills and prototyping etc. Activities may also take the forms of visits and volunteer services. Apart from local training, students have the opportunity to attend national training events which take place annually in Shanghai.

University Chapters

Each participating tertiary institution sets up its respective Chapter, forming a dedicated committee and a community of students who are passionate about social innovation. Each Chapter runs their own school-based events for their student members, and report to Enactus Hong Kong on a regular basis. Enactus Hong Kong supports Chaptersoperation in various ways e.g. connection with school offices, access to corporate resources and volunteers etc.

Enactus Hong Kong set up tertiary institution chapter
Enactus Hong Kong provided chance for student entrepreneurs networking

Industry Exposure and Networking

Enactus Hong Kong is served by a large pool of dedicated volunteers from the corporate, NGO and social enterprise sectors. They take up important roles such as business advisors who give feedback to student projects, career mentors who give students guidance on life directions, and judges who evaluate students’ performance during our competitions.

High School Program -

Social Business Leaders Program (SBLP)

Enactus Hong Kong has been organizing a Social Business Leaders Program for secondary school students for years with very positive feedback. Open to senior secondary students, the program aims to develop entrepreneurship, civil mindedness and concepts of shared value in youth. It consists of four days of workshops, games, visit to a social enterprise, outing to investigate into local social problems, and a mini case competition. The upcoming program will be held in June – July 2020.

Enactus Hong Kong Empowerment SBLP program


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