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About the Voting

Enactus Regional Competition is our yearly competition to bring together students, and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of the projects throughout the year. Typically held in March or April, project teams who participate in the competition get the opportunity to showcase their project ideas and social impact to 30+ business and sustainability professionals. 

This year we decided to have a public voting activity, where anyone who are interested in learning the projects can read the descriptions of projects and vote for their favorite projects. Teams who receive the most vote will be awarded the Most Popular Project Award. Voters will also earn a chance to join the lucky draw for a gift! Please show your support to our talented teams by voting!

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# FoodGury - CITYU
Foodgury uses Artificial Intelligence to solve the problem of food waste in restaurants in Hong Kong by accurately predicting how much food a restaurant should make for a particular day, which will prevent the restaurants from over-purchasing ingredients and over-preparing food in large quantities. Apart from the sustainability purposes of our project, the restaurants can benefit from this service by cutting down their operational costs and preventing excessive spending. This service will be provided in the form of a web and mobile app, which will be compatible with most devices.

# Rhoots - CITYU
The project’s main objective is to create a sustainable fashion brand that appeals to a fashion-conscious niche market while also advocating fashion consciousness among the people and leading to a shift from fast fashion to sustainable fashion. Roohts acts as a platform for new designers to showcase their talent while delivering signature quality clothing to its consumers. Roohts as a project was developed, keeping in mind SDG 12, responsible consumption and production, and SDG 8, which is decent work and economic growth, since there will be many employment opportunities. The project’s anticipated impact is a shift in the mindset of people buying garments from fast-fashion brands without knowing the consequences.

# Recuper - CITYU
Every hour, a person dies due to complications from an eating disorder. This is primarily because less than 20% of people who suffer from the condition get the help that they need. The primary reasons for silence is the embarrassment involved in telling a loved one and the high cost of therapeutic treatments. Recuper is an AI platform which is crafted to eliminate the embarrassment and economic hindrances that result in a high mortality rate. It will help users self evaluate the deep-rooted causes of their disorder, provide video therapy sessions as well as regular monitoring and journaling features to improve their condition. We believe this apps will eventually automate the process of the current medical procedures and to reduce the time for doctors to see patients, while enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis.

# BamPads! - CITYU
BamPads! a youth social start-up created to market reusable cloth menstrual pads in Hong Kong. Besides holding interactive workshops to raise awareness on sustainable periods, we also donate sets of reusable pads to women and girls in need through our sales. We aim for comfortable periods and eliminating the guilt of creating unnecessary waste. Best of all, we made it affordable so no one gets left behind in joining a new journey of sustainable periods.

# Cirqual - CUHK
Cirqual is an app delicated to the LGBT+ community. As an all-rounded information hub, Cirqual provides comprehensive information about LGBT-friendly shops, goods and service catered for LGBT+, as well as social service provided by organizations. Cirqual is more than an information hub since more functions are planned to be implemented in the future. E-commerce and Circular ❨reward dollar for pink economic circle❩ are included in our plan.

# Waste To Taste - CUHK
Waste to Taste aims to solve the serious food waste problem in Taiwan. Our ultimate goal is to change consumer behavior of only choosing food with good appearance and reduce food waste. To reach the objective, we provide products made with eliminated fruit and vegetables purchased from our local farmer partners. Those products are provided both through online platforms and physical campaigns. Furthermore, workshops and seminars are held to raise public awareness of food waste related issues. With the products and services we provide, we hope that wasteless consumption habit can be blended in everyone’s life.

# Univerty - CUHK
We are Univerty, which intends to minimise transgender discrimination and to build an genders-inclusive society in Hong Kong. Our project aims at improving gender education in Hong Kong by raising youths awareness towards transgender issue through social media promoting. In view of prevalent confusion of gender identification during puberty and inadequate gender education in Hong Kong, we would regularly post some fun facts about gender and related social movement in comics style, along with sharing of interviews with trans. Furthermore, we have an online forum for people to share their thoughts on gender to spark all-rounded discussion, thereby gaining emotional support. Learn us more on @univertyhk on Instagram!

# Impactus - CUHK
Disability is a huge challenge not only to the physically challenged but also their carers, and the conditions pose constraints on their day-to-day living. ToolGather is a rehabilitation information platform that facilitates assistive tools comparison. With its key features of product and merchant comparison and information hub, ToolGather aims to free both the physically challenged and their carers from constraints. Assistive tools enable the physically challenged to perform daily tasks independently, and through ToolGather, rehabilitation information about these tools and more can be gathered and consolidated in one website, guiding users along the rehabilitation journey.

# VTalk - HKU
Our group would like to create a website that can connect patients and professional social workers or psychologists. Patients can share their thoughts with social workers and psychologists online through texting or calling especially for those who are not willing to seek help in real life. On top of that, we also use a matching system to help our clients to find the psychologist or social worker that is suitable for him/her based on their needs. We also will provide a platform– anonymous forum for them to share their thoughts. It also allows them to meet like-minded people and pass through the most difficult time in their life together.

# Fratelli - HKU
Proactive learning develops students’ understanding of themselves. And understanding oneself is a key determinant of their success in future pursuits. However, over decades, our education system still has not built a learning environment that encourages students to engage in collaborative learning. Therefore, we came up with the idea of Fratelli, meaning brotherhood, which is an online proactive learning platform that brings students and professionals together. We strive to cultivate knowledge by creating a supportive Fratelli community and ultimately equip adolescents with quality education to become future leaders. Our Fratelli community will become aspiring leaders who initiate social impacts.

# bHive - HKU
Our group would like to create a website that can connect patients and professional social workers or psychologists. Patients can share their thoughts with social workers and psychologists online through texting or calling especially for those who are not willing to seek help in real life. On top of that, we also use a matching system to help our clients to find the psychologist or social worker that is suitable for him/her based on their needs. We also will provide a platform– anonymous forum for them to share their thoughts. It also allows them to meet like-minded people and pass through the most difficult time in their life together.

# Mealingful - HKU
We believe in Making Every Meal Meaningful. Hoping to further our impact, we have been actively expanding Mealingful after Regional Competition. Mealingful’s platform allows caregivers and elderly at home to order soft meal easily. We offer a wide variety of soft meal including attractive bentos, festive food, dysphagia-related ingredients and special utensils etc. Throughout the year, we also visited community centres and schools to conduct sharing and workshops to raise awareness towards soft meal and quality of life.

# Breer - HKUST
Breer is a food upcycling startup that uses surplus bread from bakeries in Hong Kong to make premium quality craft beer. This is aimed at solving the colossal problem of food waste in the city, where around 3600 tonnes of food is wasted everyday. As the youth, our team of founders realised the gap in terms of this waste, and also a massive opportunity in terms of the craft beer industry – in order to establish a unique circular supply chain. Our motto is to develop a brand, and a movement, that celebrates such innovative solutions by building and supporting a community of changemakers. Breer celebrates change and innovation, hence, aims to be a drink that saves the world.

# MentalBooth - HKUST
Realizing the heightened stress level among the younger generation in Hong Kong, MentalBooth aims to provide an interactive and relaxing platform for post-90’s generation to understand themselves introspectively. Our service includes a guided question-and-answer, self reflective exercise and meditative experience. During the self-exploration journey, users can (1) understand appropriate stress-relieving methods for themselves, and (2) relieve stress (3) in a short time period. The service will be provided purely online and in Cantonese to enhance the accessibility and level of intimacy of our product. MentalBooth has also been actively seeking for collaboration with different institutions to further expand our social impact and thereby relieving the mental health epidemic in Hong Kong.

# MindAid - HKUST
Despite the countless teletherapy apps, a huge segment of the population has been neglected: employees. According to a survey in 2020, 27% of the Hong Kong workforce is suffering from a mental health problem. We knew we had to solve this. Introducing mindAId, which enables employers to provide employees with necessary mental health resources such as sessions with licensed therapists with easier scheduling, in-office support groups, AI chatbot and data-driven metrics. Hence, providing the much-needed support to employees and boosting their productivity, while employers simultaneously meet their SDG goals.

# Planeteers - HKUST
Our project aims to address the menace of plastic cutlery waste, mass deforestation due to wooden chopsticks production, and health concerns caused by consuming carcinogenic microplastics while eating food with plastic cutlery. We aim to solve these issues by bringing 100% vegan, natural, and edible cutlery to the mainstream by partnering with bakeries for production and serving restaurants as customers. We envision cultivating sustainable and healthy habits, one set of cutlery at a time!

# Musica - POLYU
Musica is an intelligent music assistant software aims at making the process of learning and playing music more convenient. The functions included in it are automatic page turner with AI assistance, providing Music tutorials , Communication platform and Willing Box.

# FreedoMom - POLYU
Our project is FreedoMom, providing private individual rooms and breastfeeding-oriented services for lactating employees. Operated both online and offline, customers can use app to easily make reservations of rooms,accomplish payments, and choose the nearest store to go without sacrificing much rest time. Meanwhile, FreedoMom provides auxiliary services like temporary milk storage since companies are scarcely equipped with specific storage facilities. We help alleviate physiological discomfort and promote work-breastfeeding balance for lactating employees with passion,profession and standarded hygiene.

# Asaqua - LU
Asaqua is a social enterprise innovating water storage devices to improve water accessibility in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to make water without worry for everyone. We wish to bring water security to more people, and our target is to deliver 100,000+ Asaqua’s affordable tanks by 2025, allowing 600,000+ more people to live without the anxiety of running out. Our solution is a 4000L foldable tank made of safe and robust material. It’s cheaper to make, more compact to transport and easier to install than the existing bulky plastic tanks. With a tank at home, kids won’t need to walk 3 hours a day to fetch water for their family that may not even safe to use.

# Food Lab - LU
Food lab is a project which aims to reduce wastage by food recycling. Lockers are being set up as spots for storing food as well as the transition. A membership system was also built for encouraging people to keep donating their unwanted food while ensuring people with poor economic ability could gain enough resources at lower prices. Our members (donors) could gain coupons, refunds after they have donated a certain amount of food. While our receivers need to provide a certificate to prove they are in economic difficulties to ensure the resources will be transferred to the ones in genuine need.

# Green Power - LU
The group aims at solving the deforestation problem through privatizing and capitalizing the forest. Therefore, we aim at founding a forest auction corporate to transfer the forest into an investment commodity or a collection to attract buyers and investors. Besides, we hope to make the protecting behaviors of forest to become profitable through constructing a set of environmentally friendly valuation criteria.

# Future Farm - OUHK
Our project is to build a new concept supermarket that combines technology with agriculture. It mainly includes four products and services, namely, online cloud planting vegetables, samples of vegetable growth process, vegetable cultivation experience and mature vegetable products for sale. To help farmers, science education, green fruits and vegetables, convenience for the public as the goal of the development of commercial and social values.

# ExLimitation - OUHK
Exlimitation hopes to solve the problem that poor students cannot afford tuition fees by providing them with low-cost, continuous, and efficient services. Students can form classes by themselves or random grouping according to their academic performances. The total price of the lessons is fixed for the students to share the price. The class size will be capped at five students to ensure quality learning. Under Exlimitation, all classes will be conducted online. This method will significantly reduce costs and thus reduces tuition fees for underprivileged students. Additionally, we also provide tablet-rental service to help the students to join our classes.

# ALA Team - OUHK
In this world there are many unfortunate people who afraid to expose to the sun. E&S business plan means equality and sunshine, we hope that by organizing an persons with disabilities recruitment website or app to give these people with mental disorders an equal opportunity for employment. Whatever people with mental and physical disabilities, they will get a platform and a medium where they can step out of their closed world and see the light of day.

# AbaAba Hypertension Zoo - OUHK
It is about establishing a communicational platform for hypertensive patients to prevent and treat hypertension. There are three services on the platform. The first is that it includes the popularization of hypertension and the forum for patients, doctors, and scientists to exchange their experiences. The second service is recording where can show the blood pressure changes of patients. Besides, we plan to build an online shopping mall to sell some products about hypertension. In conclusion, our program aims to improve the patients’ lives effectively.


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