Regional Competition 2021

Theme of the year: Gender Equality

The Competition

The Enactus Regional Competition is our yearly competition to bring together students, and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of the projects throughout the year. Typically held in Late March, project teams who participate in the competition get the opportunity to showcase their project ideas and social impact to 30+ business and sustainability professionals.

Selection Process

First Round:
Teams from all university chapters will compete through elevator
pitches with project booths

Final Round:
Selected teams will do a PPT presentation
(5 teams from different university chapters were selected to proceed to the final round and National Competition last year; 3 teams were selected as the Top 3 teams)


For each team in the Top 3 team, each will receive
cash prize.

Winning teams of the Regional Competition will be selected to
represent Enactus HK at the National Competition

organised by Enactus China, featuring 70+ teams selected from 300 universities in China.

Teams that have proceeded to the final rounds are prioritized to the
Enactus Acceleration Programme.


Teams who are in the process of ideation and developing business
plans, these projects typically just formed their teams and started
building on their ideas. Through Enactus’ training support and advisor
network, these teams will be able to perfect their business plans and
start implementing their idea with initial prototypes.

Project Types

Social enterprise projects will be separated into 2 types: Young and Mature projects.
Projects can either apply as young or mature projects


Teams who are in the process of implementing pilot projects and launching
their business, these teams typically received some sort of funding from
other sources and have lined up their partners ready to launch their
business. Enactus will provide mentoring and business clinic sessions
based on the needs of the teams. Professionals from corporates, venture
capitals, law industry etc. will be assigned to the teams. Knowledge and
guidance (e.g. Company registration, bank account opening) that are
essential for the scale-up process will be provided.


Theme of
The Year
Gender Equality

To increase the diversity of the project teams and boost students’ creativity, students are encouraged to understand the underlying problems and needs in the field of gender equality. Project teams with ideas that solve issues in gender equality can apply for the “Gender Equality Track” and teams will compete within the track. Winning teams will proceed to the final round of the Regional Competition. To maintain fairness, the number of winning teams is based on the total number of teams and it’s ratio.