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We provide opportunities for students to learn outside classroom

While the Hong Kong education system focuses on textbook knowledge, we encourage students to learn by observing problems and developing their innovative solutions. We provide training and mentorship opportunities for students to experience entrepreneurship, growing to become an impacter.

90%+ of students stated that our programme helped them improve their problem-solving and project management skills, increasing their employability
80%+ of students stated that they enhanced their entrepreneurial spirit through our programme

We promote ESG and sustainable mindset

We promote sustainability through supporting 10 chapters in universities and providing a series of inspirational events including social enterprises’ firm visit, design thinking workshops, and ideation training. With a sustainable mindset, students will also gain ESG-related career navigation.

80%+ of students stated that they had formed a positive mindset and a sustainable mindset.

We grow together with advisors and partners, building sustainable community

We believe in collaboration and synergies. With industrial connections, students can gain actual insight while partners can also gain collaboration opportunities through the Enactus ecosystem. Enactus has been collaborating with our partners and advisors to provide firm visits, mentorship programmes, and internship opportunities, broadening students’ horizons.

31 internship matched and 41 mentorship matched