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“We work to enable progress through entrepreneurial action.”

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Social innovation projects ― Enactus World Cup

The grand annual event for great ideas that transforms lives.

Entrepreneurial action &
social innovation

Enactus World Cup is an international competition where universities from different countries gather to share their entrepreneurial actions that make their society a better place.

These projects aim to tackle certain social issues while being financially and environmentally sustainable. Through the process of executing and operating these projects, not only do we strive to create substantial social impact, but also to train and nurture leaders of the next generation.

Recap to Enactus World Cup 2018


Starting from September, you will be working on your project that features entrepreneurial action and innovation for a year. A select group of winners could proceed to the grand final of the Enactus World Cup.

Step 1. Project development

In the initial stage, our associates from the consultation division were being assigned to all teams to provide guidance on their projects.

Step 2. Regional & National Competition

For the top 2 teams that win the Regional Competition in Hong Kong, you’ll proceed to the National competition in Mainland China.

Step 3. Enactus World Cup

Finally, the winner of the National Competition will become the finalist team to compete with champions from other country. 

Events Highlight

Check out events we hold, including case competitions, trainings, and leardership programme for secondary school students!

Case Competitions

Pitch Your Way to KPMG

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an increasingly popular practice for corporations to create social benefit and contribute to the society. In partnership with KPMG, the competition allows participants to unleash their creativity and help KPMG design a brand new CSR event. Shortlisted teams were invited to the Final Pitch at the KPMG office, and the winning team’s idea will even have a chance to be executed in real life.


CASE COMPETITION - Recycling Innovation Challenge

With millions of plastic drink containers overflowing the landfills in Hong Kong, the challenge creates an opportunity for participating teams to propose a holistic recycling method for Vitasoy International.

A site visit to the Vitasoy factory and a mentorship session was arranged for participants to have a deeper understanding on the daily operations of Vitasoy.

Hong Kong Shared Good Value (HKSGV) Case Competition

Coordinately organised with HKSGV to promote the idea of “Creating Shared Value”, “Social Impact Assessment” and “Corporate Culture Building”, this case competition encourages the participation of leading companies and prospective business leaders. It consists of three distinct case problems from three different companies. Participants are to compete in one of the three cases to become the champion of their league. Finalists were also given an intense mentorship to refine their ideas before presenting to their respective case partners.

Social Business Leaders Programme

Learning opportunity

SBLP is an annual event for secondary school students to learn more about social enterprises through different games and activities.

Social enterprise visiting

Participants are also given the opportunity to visit a local social enterprise and get first-hand information about the business.

Mini Case competition

They can also try out a mini case competition to strengthen their analytical thinking and presentation skills.

Spring/Autumn Training

Apart from our one-on-one consultation with the participating teams of the regional competition, we also provide training for our chapters from different universities to help them prepare for the regional cup. Our training includes sharings by Enactus alumni, mini case analysis, and workshops. It aims to help participants to strengthen their case analysis skills and suggest ways to use their creativity to think of feasible ideas.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned with our latest opportunities for you to learn and work collectively toward the good of the society at the same time!

HKSGV Internship Program 2019

This programme helps students find internship opportunities in different NGOs and social enterprises. It aims to arouse students’ interest and understanding of the sector by providing a hands-on experience, as well as fostering the connection between students and professionals in the third sector.

Social Business Mentorship Program

The Social Business Mentorship Program engages working professionals in business and social sector, for they may give advice and share their life experience as well as work experience with university students, helping them better prepare for the workplace and plan for the future. The program offers students chances to meet mentors in discretionary formats, ranging from coffee chats to networking events to company visits.